The University of Zakho released the first issue of Bisheng magazine

The University of Zakho announces to all readers, writers, and educators in Kurdistan that they have published a monthly magazine under the title "Bisheng". The first issue of the magazine is printed and designed in a modern way and it is available for the readers. It is worth mentioning that Bisheng is an educational magazine and is issued by the Media department at the presidency building at the University of Zakho. Furthermore, Assist. Prof. (Dr. lazgin Abdi Jamil), the president of the University of Zakho is the owner of concessionarie, (Dr. Abdulwehab Khalid Musa), the Vice president for Students Affairs is the supervisor. The Chief Editor of the magazine is (Shivan Abdi Havnt), (Ferhad Haji) is Editorial Secretary, (Diler Kemal) is the editing manager while the designer is (Hussein Younis Hussein). Bisheng magazine will focus on various topics monthly.

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